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Why Certell makes sense for educators:

Our curriculum is comprehensive, and built into full-semester courses.
  • Everything you need to teach one of our courses is included. No scrambling for content. Ready to use or modify to fit your needs.
Every subject includes free access to an eBook for each student.
  • There are no expensive textbooks to buy.
We get students to think critically.
  • We design our courses and lessons to ask intriguing, thought-provoking questions.
We meet national and state standards.
  • We are aligned with AP, Common Core, and the National Council for Economic Education standards, and the National Council for the Social Studies C3 Framework.

It’s free.
  • We are a nonprofit funded by generous donors who are passionate about education.

Why Certell makes sense for students:

Our content is media-rich, and students love it.
  • Our courses are packed with popular videos and audio files that keep their attention.
Right-sized reading grabs and holds students’ interests.
  • We keep our text concise and focused on illustrating key concepts.
We present both sides of an argument.
  • Certell offers compelling, objective information so students can form their own worldview.
  • Our goal is to assist you in helping your students to develop critical thinking, communication,  and problem-solving skills.


We provide media-rich curriculum and lesson materials that are currently utilized in:
• High Schools • A.P. Courses • Community Colleges • Colleges/Universities • Master’s Level Courses



  • 27 modules
  • 150 concepts & key terms
  • Aligned with national standards            

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  • 14 modules
  • 220 concepts & key terms
  • Aligned with national and AP standards

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American History

American History

  • 29 modules
  • 469 concepts & key terms
  • Aligned with national and AP standards
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Each subject includes:

  • a Multimedia eBook
  • Weekly Lessons
  • Discussion Questions
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Exams

Lesson Prep Materials

Bell Ringers

Bell Ringers can be a great way to start and/or finish a class. You’ve got the meat of the lesson in the bag; you just need a clever way to introduce it, or a powerful way to bring it home. Use them. Share them.

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Mini Lessons

Even the best curriculum needs a shake up now and then. Mini Lessons are one-off and timely, offering your lessons reinforcement (or a needed change of pace), and driving home key concepts in a creative way. Use them. Share them.

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Use the full curriculum or use just what you need.