Our Mission is bringing world-class education to everyone, everywhere, at a price anyone can afford.

About Certell

We fulfill our mission by working with top educators, developing and supporting content creation for our multimedia courses. We assist our faculty partners with marketing, distribution, logistics, strategic planning, fundraising, and hosting of online courses.

Since 2013, we have led twenty-eight professional development events for over 500 teachers. To date, Certell’s Common Sense Economics course is used in more than 130 classrooms and reaches approximately 12,000 students, and growing.

We are developing courses to adapt materials and our unique “Read, Watch, Listen, Do” approach to promote a multicultural perspective on key concepts in economics, government, history, and related subjects.

Common Sense Economics for Life

Common Sense Economics for Life (CSE1000) is available for both students and educators as a credit-based course. The course is available as a one-semester combined economics course, or as a full year of both economics and personal finance. The Common Sense Economics course material can be used in part at all grade levels. The full course material is designed to encompass the exact needs of any type of student from homeschoolers looking for high school or dual enrollment credit, to adult learners looking to expand their economic reasoning skills. Click below to enroll or learn more about any of these opportunities! In addition to Common Sense Economics (CSE1000), Certell also offers Micro- and Macro-Economics (CSE1001) and Common Sense Personal Finance (CSE1002). Please see the Common Sense Economics Adopt Curriculum block below for more details on these products.

Common Sense Government

Certell is currently working with Strata Policy to develop an Innovative new course in American Government. It will meet national standards for high school government courses, as well as be appropriate for an introductory college course in American politics.

We are currently recruiting teachers to pilot the materials in their classrooms this fall. If you are a classroom teacher and would like more information on piloting the course for us, sign up NOW.

We intend to offer the course directly to homeschool students in the spring.

Full Adopters
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