World Teachers’ Day

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Thank you Teachers!

Who made you the person you are today?

Everyone has a favorite teacher. Was it your kindergarten teacher, who helped you learn to make rabbit ears to tie your shoes? A geography teacher who instilled a love for world travel? Or maybe an economics instructor who showed you how saving pizza money now could lead to a down payment on your first home later.

Today, on United Nations World Teachers’ Day, you may want to ask your students which teachers made a special contribution to their lives: How did that teacher inspire you? In what ways—big or small—did he or she make a difference in who you are today?

And maybe more importantly, ask students if they have ever shared their appreciation with their favorite teacher. Despite the skepticism of youth, teachers are people, too, and they enjoy learning about their role in shaping a young life. Everyone enjoys hearing “thank you” for a job well done, so whether a teacher inspired you years ago or is inspiring you right now, why not let them know?

An excerpt from an article by Lexi Herrick that appeared in the HuffPost:

Thank you. Thank you to the teachers reading this that are feeling that warm restoration in their chests because they know they are making a difference in this world. Thank you for molding young minds. Thank you for overcoming the daily struggles of a complicated education system, and still dedicating yourselves to achieving as much as possible for your students. Thank you for patience. Thank you for the kindness you showed to us as little ones. Thank you for the guidance you gave us as we were learning to grow. Thank you for swallowing every negative generalization people may make about teachers, and knowing in your hearts that what you accomplish in school is worth it all and then some. Thank you for giving young adults like myself the confidence and courage to follow our dreams. Even on the difficult days, remember that you are never forgotten. Students who read this letter will think of you. They think of you all the time. We all will talk about the stories of teachers that we adored for decades. We will laugh, cry and appreciate.

We carry what you taught us in our minds, and also in our hearts, for the rest of our lives.
Signed: Your Forever Students

On Oct. 5, World Teachers’ Day, and every day, celebrate the individual who not only taught you academics, but also life lessons—a special teacher.

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