You supply the popcorn, we supply the videos!

Fun Facts, Study Break


The upcoming release of the fully updated, FREE Common Sense Government (CSG) course is just a couple of months away.


The school year is winding down and you might have some extra class time to fill.


You “host” your own Certell End of School Year Film Festival in your classroom.

The Certell short videos can be a fun way to recap the year – perhaps your students can take turns being Turner Classic Movie-like hosts, and prep and introduce each video to the class. Encourage your students to be creative as they prepare their introductions for videos such as:

  • Taxes and Smuggling – Prelude to Revolution
  • Who Won the American Revolution?
  • Introduction to the Articles of Confederation
  • America Gets a Constitution
  • Is Self-Government Possible?
  • How are you Free?
  • Crash Course Government and Politics #9: How a Bill Becomes a Law
  • CLASSIC ALERT: Schoolhouse Rock: I’m Just a Bill
  • Lyndon Johnson, Great Society Speech, May 22, 1964.
  • Ronald Reagan, First Inaugural, January 20, 1981
  • McCulloch v Maryland
  • Crash Course Government and Politics #26: Freedom of the Press
  • Ronald Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate Speech, 6/12/87
  • Deregulating Airlines
  • And much much more!

Have time for full length features? Visit Teach with Movies for their list of films suitable to for your classroom. For a movie breakdown by historic periods, visit Learning Lift Off.

So how do you get started? Just register for the Common Sense Government course, and download the course to either Moodle or Canvas. Next, peruse the modules, select your videos and get your students to embrace their inner emcee. Your film festival is just a few clicks away!

Don’t have Moodle or Canvas as an Learning Management System? Don’t worry! Send an email to – subject: CSG videos and we will send you the links![/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section]