Who guards the guardians?

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Read from Common Sense Government eBook: Congress

The powers of Congress are outlined in Article One of the United States Constitution. The Founders defined the powers of Congress in the first article of the Constitution because it was Congress, in a representative republic, which would logically wield the most power. As the most powerful branch in the government, Congress commands both fear and respect. In a limited government, the legislative branch has to be both effective and restrained. This is precisely what Madison spoke of in Federalist No. 51 when he said the government must first be able to control the governed, and second be obliged to control itself. … The checks and balances applied to Congress are thus especially important.

  1. Are you more concerned about Congress and the government interfering too much in your life? Or not helping you out enough?
  2. Which should be the bigger concern?
  3. Do you believe Congress is the most important branch of government in the U.S. today, as the framers intended? If not, what do you think happened?

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