Sept. 28 – Should the Government Protect Us?

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On Sept. 28, 1904, a woman was arrested for smoking in an open car. “A policeman on horseback reportedly stopped her and gasped, “Ma’am, you can’t do that on Fifth Avenue!” At that time, serving single women in hotels and restaurants was also restricted.

That all began to change only a few years later.

Although lung cancer rates of men are still higher than women, they are converging. Virginia Slims made smoking into a symbol of liberation, with the ad campaign begun above. Only three years later, cigarette ads were banned from TV and radio.

  1. When is it the government’s job to protect us from ourselves?
  2. In some countries, the government specifies what citizens can and cannot do. In the United States, by contrast, you can do anything, unless it is specifically prohibited (and the rule deemed lawful by the court, if challenged). Which way of looking at things is more in keeping with the founding principles of the country?

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