Sept. 21 – Monday Night Football

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On Sept. 21, 1970, Monday Night Football premiered.

In 1970, the National Football League finished its merger with the American Football League, and restructured itself into two conferences. From this time forward, it solidified itself as the dominant spectator sport in America. Most years, the Super Bowl is the top-rated television program of the year.

In recent years, as many people watch the Super Bowl for its commercials, as for the game itself. One of the iconic Super Bowl commercials featured “Mean Joe Green” of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1979.

American sports culture is different than that of other countries. Not only are our games strange and different (try explaining the rules of either baseball or football to a foreigner), but nowhere else are sports and high school and university loyalties formed in anything like the American way.

  1. What role do sports play in creating community in the U.S.?
  2. How do American team sports differ from, say, soccer in terms of their organization and structure?
  3. Is this expressive of a different way of looking at the world?

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