Sept. 13 – National Positive Thinking Day

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Sept. 13 is National Positive Thinking Day

It turns out that, left to our own devices, we (as a species) tend to focus and get stuck on negative thoughts more than we do on positive ones. In this video, social psychologist Alison Ledgerwood describes her research on this topic, and provides suggestions on what to do about it!

One of her examples is framing of opinions of a governor in negative or positive terms. Politics has become increasingly nasty in recent years. We all say that we don’t like negative campaigns, or negative campaign ads. But they work, and negative political races, combined with political journalism, are now designed to tear down politicians, rather than build up our opinions of them.

As a result, perhaps, politicians are increasingly unpopular. In a divided country, that means half the country or more is unhappy with the current leadership.

So whichever party you favor, and whatever your current feelings about the regime in power, take the example of Positive Thinking Day to describe one or two good (and non-partisan) things you see happening in your local or state, or the national government!

If you need help getting in the mood – listen to this song while you’re thinking about it!

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