Oct. 5 – Rodney Dangerfield & Business

ryanBell Ringers, Economics(BR)

On Oct. 5, 2004, Rodney Dangerfield died.

Dangerfield was a comedian and actor, famous for his tagline, “I don’t get no respect!”

In the 1986 movie Back to School, Dangerfield plays an “uneducated” but successful businessman who goes back to school with his son to convince him of the importance of school. Here, he takes in his first economics class.

Public Choice is a school of economic thought which applies the lessons of economics to the real world of government decision-making and decision-makers.

This is a great example of applying public choice analysis to the costs of starting a business. List some of the “practical” considerations which the professor leaves out when designing a new business.

  1. Apart from the humor, what are some of the real world considerations overlooked by the professor, but determinative to the “uneducated” businessman?
  2. Do you find them convincing?

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