Nov. 6 – Election Day 2018

GabeBell Ringers, Government(BR)

Every Tuesday following the first Monday in November is Election Day! Confused already? This year, 2018, it happens to fall on Nov. 6th. Generally from 6 am to 6 pm polls will open at voting places around the United States for citizens to come and cast their ballot to exercise their right to vote for their elected officials.

While many people believe voting is a duty for every citizen, a majority say it is too difficult to vote. This sentiment can be seen in voter turnout data, in which many people do not vote.

In the last several decades (and back even farther) we’ve seen a slow decline of “voter turnout”, or the number of people who were eligible to vote, divided by the number of people who actually voted. This number varies from country to country and is generally considered abysmal in the US, hovering around the 58% percent mark for the presidential elections and even worse for the midterm election of Congress. Why is this so?

  1. What sentiment does Ichabod seem to display in the video? Is it actually a bad thing that the voter turnout is low?
  2. What are some ways you think we might increase voter turnout? Some countries require that everyone vote. In communist countries, people were sometimes imprisioned for not voting, even though there was usually only one candidate (from the communist party) on the ballet. But some free countries, like Australia, mandate voting, as well. Are you in favor of mandatory voting?
  3. Do you think too many people vote? Too few? Should voting be made easier? Harder? Justify your responses.

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