Nov. 15 – Clean out your Refrigerator Day

GabeBell Ringers, Government(BR)

Nov. 15 is National Clean out your Refrigerator Day.

Sometimes, it is just time to do a thorough cleaning and get a fresh start on life. Every so often, you want to throw everything out, and just start over. That bottle of mustard that’s been sitting there for 3 years? – Garbage. The tub of cream cheese that slipped to the back and has almost qualified for Social Security? – in the trash. But if there is too much to go through item by item, or if some family members are attached to some things, and others to others so you can’t agree?

This is the basic argument for term limits. Rather than making individual decisions about whether to reelected a senator or representative, we create a rule and follow it, regardless.

  1. Do you think our political refrigerator has gotten so bad that such measures are called for? If so, what do you think is causing the problem? What other solutions might there be?

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