Jan. 25 – Opposite Day

GabeAmerican History(BR), Bell Ringers

Jan. 25th is Opposite Day.

Many things have not gone as planned in American history. For instance, in 1948 it was widely believed that President Truman had lost the election. But the opposite was true. Many people believe that the United States is doing less than other countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but the opposite is true (which is a separate question from how much they should be reduced). In the 1960s, most people believed that the United States was more technically advanced than the Soviet Union, but with the launch of the first satellite (Sputnik), this was called into question.

  1. What are some more examples where people mostly believed one thing, but it turned out the opposite was true?
  2. In elections, how are voters sometimes led to believe one thing, when the opposite is true?
  3. Today, what are some examples from politics or the media where the truth is the opposite of what is proclaimed?


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