Jan. 11 – National Milk Day

GabeBell Ringers, Economics(BR)

Jan. 11 is National Milk Day.

Milk is a highly regulated product in the United States and over the years it has been subsidized in numerous ways by the government. These subsidies have led to overproduction, and the government has tried various ways of making good use of the excess it has created. One way was through government purchase of milk, which is then turned into cheese and distributed for free. “Government Cheese,” as a result, is something many people know about as part of their childhood, and it has in turn become a common meme with a variety of associations.

Watch the following music video and answer the following questions:

  1. What ideas does the singer associate with “government cheese”?
  2. What do you think happened to the demand for commercial cheese in neighborhoods where many people received “government cheese”?
  3. What might be some unintended consequences of the government purchase and free distribution of food?

For more ideas on the impact of “government cheese” on popular culture, and culture more generally, compare these other songs about “government cheese”:

The Rainmakers: Government Cheese

One-Eyed Willie and the Chizzlers:

Doc 00 Johnson:

Question: What unintended effects do the singers claim come from “Government Cheese”?


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