Feb. 8 – Go Fly a Kite

GabeBell Ringers, Economics(BR)

Feb. 8 is National Kite Flying Day.

The kite was invented in China around the 5th Century B.C. as trade grew, it was introduced to India, and then much later to Europe. One of the science experiments which led Benjamin Franklin to become would famous was when he demonstrated that lightning was electricity, by attaching a lightning rod to a kite. Franklin was also one of the world’s first kite surfer’s, as a boy!

In the video clip, Jimmy Kimmel comments on the timing of National Kite Flying Day. Do you agree that more people would fly kites if the “day” was in summer? What other factors might affect the supply and demand of kites and kite-flying?

  1. Have you ever flown a kite? One of the things about them is that they require a lot of space (and the right amount of steady wind). Do you think kites are more often flown by people in cities or in more rural areas? In mountains or on beaches?

Watch the following clip to see some of the wild things you can do with a kite!

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