Feb. 21 – Assassination of Malcolm X

GabeAmerican History(BR), Bell Ringers

On Feb. 21, 1965, Malcolm X was murdered.

Malcolm X was a leading figure of the radical side of the movement to promote the cause of African-Americans. He became a leading spokesman for the Nation of Islam, until he broke with the movement in 1964. He was a believer in Pan-Africanism, black self-determination, and black self-defense, justifying the use of violence to promote the cause.

In contrast to Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X promoted black supremacy, advocated for the separation of black and white Americans, and rejected the civil rights movement. He was opposed to integration.

On Feb. 21, 1965, he was shot and killed by three members of the Nation of Islam as he was preparing to give a speech.

  1. How would you compare Malcolm X’s goals, with those of Martin Luther King, Jr.?
  2. Do you believe that African-Americans can better achieve their goals through separation, or through integration?
  3. Which of the two paths is more in keeping with the “American Dream”?

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