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  • CSE1000-combined one semester economics and personal financeCSE1001- one semester micro and macro economics
  • CSE1001- one semester micro and macro economicsCSE1002-
  • CSE1002- one semester personal practical financeModules available
  • Modules available in: Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle formats
  • Face to Face format
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Common Sense Economics was originally developed by top educators at the Stavros Center at Florida State University. Certell, Inc. was invited to collaborate, with the Stavros Center for the purposes of fundraising, additional course development, marketing, as well as course and product distribution, both nationally and internationally.

Common Sense Economics for Life (CSE1000) is available directly from Certell for both students and educators as a credit-based course. The course is available as a one-semester combined economics and personal finance course, or as a full year sequence of economics and personal finance. The Common Sense Economics course material was developed for a high school or college level audience, but many of the materials can be used in whole or in part at all grade levels. The course material is designed to encompass the needs of any type of student from homeschoolers looking for high school or dual enrollment credit, to adult learners looking to expand their economic reasoning skills. Click below to enroll or learn more about any of these opportunities! In addition to Common Sense Economics (CSE1000), Certell also offers Micro- and Macro-Economics (CSE1001) and Practical Personal Finance (CSE1002) materials.

TEACHERS: Please review the resources below in considering whether to adopt the CSE course, in whole or in part, for your classroom. Either way, Adopting the Common Sense Economics course is absolutely FREE!


1-Review our website carefully, for adoption outcome testimonials and instructional benefits from teachers and students

2-View sample videos, both original and TV show clips, used in the course:

  • Certell Trailer – Original Video   (click here)
  • Part 1: 12 Key Concepts – History Channel-Pawn Shop  (click here)
  • Part 2: Sources of Wealth – Conan O’Brien (click here)
  • Part 3: Role of Government – Original Video (click here)
  • Part 4: Personal Finance – Seinfeld (click here)

3-Review the materials as they appear loaded into a Learning Management System, entitled “Preview Course”

4-Test Drive the course in an abridged MOOC (for Professional Development Credit)

5-Take the Full Course (for Professional Development credit. College or graduate credit is available for a fee)

Click here to see the 59 Key Economic Concepts Covered in the Common Sense Economics Curriculum.


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