CSEAP: Common Sense Economics for Life – AP Teachers Course


May 1st – September 30th 2017

CSE for AP Teachers is an abridged version of Certell’s full, one semester basic economics and personal finance course.

  • Offered to AP Econ Teachers and their students as an AP Introduction Course or an AP Review Course.
  • Takes between 12-16 hours to complete.
  • Teachers sign up to learn more!
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This is the essential course for individuals who may only take one economics and personal finance course in their life. It prepares individuals to be strategic consumers, wise savers, diversified investors, and responsible citizens. The course includes 17 modules, paced at roughly one week per module. Students begin with a basic introduction to 12 Key Elements of Economics, followed by modules on the Sources of Economic Progress, the Role of Government, and Practical Personal Finance.


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